Corvallis, Oregon is a small college town in the heart of the Willamette Valley.  It’s the home of the Oregon State University Beavers and features a mix of great local microbrew, killer pizza joints and an epic dispensary….Beaver Bowls.


Dan Cochrane grew up in Corvallis and is the proprietor of Beaver Bowls which, to be specific, is a cannabis house.  Beaver Bowls isn’t your normal brick and mortar dispensary; it is housed inside of a 1920’s craftsman style house.  Oddly enough, the house is next door to the municipal court in downtown Corvallis.  Needless to say, Dan and his business partner, B Juice, who is also a local, have a dispensary unlike any in the area.


The uniqueness of the dispensary has allowed the team to speak with and invite locals to tour the dispensary.  Many of these folks would most likely never come through their front door were it not for Dan reaching out with a personal invite to take a tour.  The level of product knowledge of the team runs deep and allows them to inform customers about the medicine and breakdown some preconceived notions some customers may have had.  Of course it helps to be in a college town and on the same block as the courthouse, so the variety of customers varies widely from hour to hour.

Upon entering Beaver Bowls the feel of the dispensary is positive and educational.  The staff is welcoming and knows the regulars by name.  Imagine going into a dispensary where the bud tenders knew you by name and knew what you liked!  That level of customer service is unheard of these days and has helped build a very loyal customer base.

BB Crew Dec 15 (2)

Beaver Bowls prides itself on stocking organic product whenever possible.  They also carry topicals, edibles, nasal sprays and whole host of other products.  If you’re looking for organic product, this is the place to come.  If they don’t have it, chances are they can get it for you.

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In an effort to take their customer service full circle, Beaver Bowls has started a delivery service for their local customers.  Home delivery is in its early days and is growing part of the business.

One of the cool things about Beaver Bowls is the connectivity to the community.  Being owned by locals that are immersed in the local scene and committed to the town brings a comfortable feel to Beaver Bowls.  If you find yourself in Corvallis a stop at Beaver Bowls is well worth your time…and tell them Hempharm sent you!