Have you seen the video of the guy dancing in a grow? If not, I won’t be the spoiler and ruin it, but I will say you need to watch the video below….in all it’s awesome glory.

The video showcasing the dope dance skills of a Mendocino County farmer named Sean Whaling, aka Soilbae, went viral on May 25 and is still going strong. Sean isn’t your typical farmer; he’s a bit of a renaissance man, entering the cannabis scene with some unique skills; a background in acting, a degree in Art, construction skills and of course a flair for dance rarely seen on a cannabis farm.

Sean works for Emerald Cup Genetics located in the famed Emerald Triangle. Landing an interview was a little complicated since he spends long days in the mountains near Laytonville where he is tending to plants; absorbing all he can about cannabis farming. He is inspired by medical cannabis, a fast growing and changing industry helping to heal, manage pain, and addressing a laundry list of medical conditions. Sean is passionate about what he does and it came through during our conversation.

In the midst of his work he also finds time to remind all of us to stop take a moment, not take life quite so seriously, and then throw down to some Talking Heads! I’ll admit I’ve watched the video at least 6 times and laugh every time. So if you need to shake off the Manic Mondays, Twist into Tuesday, Whip through Wednesday, Tango on Thursday or Freestyle on Friday, whatever it is, the video is the medicine.

Talking with Sean by phone I learned this farmer is passionate about his role in a fast growing industry and what it will look like in the coming years. He is grateful for the opportunity to work for The Emerald Cup. Sean is surprised by how popular his videos have become and is happy to be bringing a smile to faces and hearing from people all over the world who have reached out to him.
Cheers to you Sean and your awesome video! On behalf of everyone in the Hempharm community, please keep them coming!