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Find The Best Dispensaries In Portland OR.



Hawthorne district

If I were to imagine a scientist opening a cannabis dispensary, this is what I would imagine. Lucky for us, a marijuana scientist did in fact open this dispensary which has benefitted the smoking crowd greatly. Farma is somewhere you can send anyone that isn’t quite sure what they want. The shop sports a large collection of super high-end flower and bud local in-house farmers which means the selection is one of the best. With creative branding that is meant to cover the dull containers which are required by the state, this dispensary doesn’t disappoint. If you only stopped at one dispensary in Portland, this should be the one.

Calyxes dispensary


Hillside/ Multnomah Village

In Southwest hills, you will find some of the best hash, flower, edibles, and CO2 extract (for vaping) that are Clean Green Certified (This is the cannabis version of true organic). Unlike other dispensaries, Calyxes is vertically integrated, which means that everything you find here is processed, grown, and distributed by the same company. That company is the one and only Green Bodhi, which is owned and operated by John Bayes, whose cannabis growing and consulting has given him the reputation as the go-to guy when it comes to growers in the state of Oregon. Non-Green Bodhi products such as Cream of the Crop Ice Cream and CO2 cartridges, are still made with the Green Bodhi flower, which makes the perfect rosin.

Five Zero Trees

Five Zero Trees, Inc.


You can find stickers for this shop everywhere downtown Portland. I see them on walls, bridges, sidewalks, and even outhouses. Kind of weird considering neither of their shops are anywhere close to walking distance from Downtown. This place is known for once selling a 1g Oregon Lemons joint that was so incredibly strong, that it almost knocked Tom Sizemore out. After that, he started pledging to be sure and call whenever he was in Portland to get hooked up with the good stuff (this really is a true story I swear). They also have a wide variety of locally grown strains along with glass bongs and other smoking gear. Grab a little of everything, but don’t forget to try the 1g monster.

a picture of rooted northwest

Rooted Northwest

Madison South

Yes, I agree, the exterior appears ugly, and the building is in the middle of nowhere. But once inside, you will find products that appear to be straight out of an interior design magazine. They have beautiful glass and wood cases with indirect light that shows rows and rows of super top-shelf hash, flower, and concentrates. They have a very knowledgeable staff that can explain every last detail about each of their plants. The product just looks so great and bubble hash lovers will love this place most of all. When you buy hash here, it comes with special transportable tubes. You are welcome for this one.


The Human Collective is known for having some of the lowest prices in town. The storefront alone is worth the journey to Portland. We have found rosin grams half price ($25) here. they also have gluten-free and diabetic-friendly edibles, along with almost every infused candy that is made in Oregon. The owner is hands on and heavily involved with supporting cannabis legalization, so you should be proud to shop here and support them. The shop is around the back on the lower level.


Foster Buds

Off Foster and Powell

You can find Foster Buds close to the perfect stoner food at Portland Mercado. This shop could make any list simply because it has a free ATM! It might be a wise play due to the fact that you can buy a $3 joint here. Foster Buds offers strains from around the world and from places like Spain (I would recommend the Y Griega with a Spanish-style cider). Nearly every day there is a sale of some kind going on here.

Keep in mind that these are just a few. Be sure to visit our Dispensary Maps to view more.