• The 12 Days of Kushmas: 4 Calling Causes
    The holiday season is a wonderful time to think about giving back to the community, so on the fourth day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: four calling causes! Moments before announcing the winners of California’s most prestigious cannabis award on Dec. 10, The Emerald Cup’s organizers offered ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-16By Chris Roberts
  • Western Oregon Dispensary: Braving Bumps in the Road, and Eyes on Expansion
    Western Oregon Dispensary – Newberg, OR We met the owner of Western Oregon Dispensary, Sherri, early one morning in the burgeoning suburb of Newberg, Oregon, just outside of Portland. Well-known for their wine, the pace out here is a bit more relaxed and refined. Western Oregon Dispensary has been open ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-12-15By Matthew Criscione
  • 4 Dispensaries Receive First CA Retail Permits for Recreational Cannabis
    This week, California issued temporary licenses to a handful of cannabis companies in the first wave of licenses expected to be released ahead of Jan. 1. On Dec. 14, California Bureau of Cannabis Control awarded four dispensaries across the state with the licenses necessary to start selling adult-use cannabis on ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-15By Julia Clark-Riddell
  • Will Medical Marijuana survive the storm of legalization?
    Ever since recreational legalization was on the table, many activists and patients have whispered behind the scenes: Rec will be the death knell for medical cannabis. Before diving in, let's clear the air. There really is no difference — physically, chemically, or otherwise — between a marijuana plant grown for medical use ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-12-15By Marijuana News
  • High Country Healing: Growing Medicine in the Mountains
    High Country Healing – Avon, CO The People: We love the team of highly knowledgeable, patient staff members at High Country Healing. I’ve always had a theory that people who live in the mountains are happier, and the friendly faces I encounter each time I return to their store only ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-12-13By Melissa Joy
  • Purple Monkey Balls: These Dabs Reportedly Inspire Monkeying Around
    Test Results: 88.5% THC | Tested By: Delta Verde Laboratory Purple Monkey Balls by MMJ Apothecary Purple Monkey Balls Live Resin tastes like pine needles; extremely aromatic, with undertones of grapes and berries. The smoke was smooth, with no coughing after a dab. Tastes of pine on the inhale and ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-12-13By Weed Betty
  • Will Washington Ever Legalize Marijuana Home Grows?
    Washington is the only state with recreational cannabis that doesn’t allow home growing, and the barriers to instituting more liberal regulations are steep. Washington state is a West Coast cannabis state. By this, we mean cannabis users have for a number of years in Washington enjoyed expansive rights compared to ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-13By Chris Roberts
  • Man, nephew plead guilty in conspiracy tied to marijuana dispensary
    Two of three family members who prosecutors say conspired to bribe Detroit officials to allow a medical marijuana dispensary have pleaded guilty. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-12-13By The Associated Press
  • Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational: What’s The Difference?
    Medical and recreational marijuana differ in their history, uses, and THC content. As marijuana’s popularity continues to grow, you may be wondering about the difference between medical and recreational marijuana. Marijuana was first used for its medical benefits, but over time people started using the drug recreationally. Today, medicinal cannabis ... read more
    Source: Leaf SciencePublished on 2017-12-13By Laura Moroney
  • The Cinematic Evolution of the Female Stoner: From Vampy Vixens to Laid Back Chicks and PTA Moms
    From Reefer Madness to Pineapple Express, marijuana has been depicted on-screen for decades. But while the dude with the doob has become a trope, ladies’ parts in these films have either been exaggerated into ridiculousness or downplayed into oblivion. As more and more women become cannabis users, will they finally ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-12-12By Lissa Townsend Rodgers
  • Nevada Turns, Wants to Double Down on Marijuana & Casinos
    Nevada seems to be changing its mind about cannabis. Earlier this year, casinos in Las Vegas were given a clear ultimatum from gaming bosses: Pot and slots do not mix. This was disappointing news as the city is home to America’s only (for now) 24-hour marijuana dispensaries, and is the ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-12By Chris Roberts
  • The Emerald Cup 2017: Industry Can’t Beat Experience
    This year’s big winners included the underdogs Molecular Farms, the dominant 3rd Gen Fam and the always-popular Om Edibles. Another Emerald Cup is in the books, leaving many worried that it might have signaled the end of an era, as legal sales of recreational cannabis in California are perched right ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-11By Jimi Devine
  • Recipe: Healing Herbal Heat (That’s Buzzing With Honey)
    Forget the Stash, pass the tea-smoker’s tea, please. In 79 CE, Pliny the Elder wrote that cannabis root can be boiled in water for a tea to relieve joint cramps and pain. Today, while the flower of the plant gets all the attention, the roots and stems are still useful ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-12-11By Laurie and MaryJane
  • From Big Pharma to Cannabis Advocacy: Whistleblower Victoria Starr on Doing the Right Thing
    Pharmacists don’t typically advise their patients to utilize the healing properties of cannabis. Testing concerns, lack of federal legalization and a general absence of solid research from the U.S. tend to keep the healing plant outside the realm of prescribed medicine. Enter Victoria Starr. A registered pharmacist, she now acts ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-12-08By Katie Conley
  • Colorado marijuana dispensary challenges IRS in U.S. Tax Court
    The owners of a marijuana dispensary in Palisade, Colo., claim their income was unjustly taxed twice because of the Internal Revenue Service’s application of Section 280E. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-12-07By Alicia Wallace