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    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-10-17By Cannabis Now
  • Urbn Leaf: At the Corner of Product and Presentation
    Urbn Leaf – San Diego, CA The Place Patients can find Urbn Leaf where Bay Park meets Morena in San Diego. With its own designated parking lot and easy access off the 5 and 8 freeways, locals and tourists alike will undoubtedly make this dispensary their go-to, one-stop shop. Upon ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-17By Perry Fein
  • Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds
    Marijuana legalization in Colorado led to a “reversal” of opiate overdose deaths in that state, according to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health. “After Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis sale and use, opioid-related deaths decreased more than 6% in the following 2 years,” write authors Melvin D. Livingston, ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-17By Marijuana News
  • Cannabis is pleasurable because it changes brain’s reward center on cellular level
    Scientists, behavioral researchers and psychologists have known for years that pot can be addictive. But more research has just been published illustrating just how weed can act on our brains. A group of neuroscientists has studied how “long-term exposure” to the active compound in marijuana could affect the way brain cells are ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-17By Marijuana News
  • Michigan state bracing for medical marijuana application rush
    The state is bracing for a slew of applications to grow and sell medical marijuana come December 15th. That's when licenses will start being accepted and it's also when dispensaries open now, will have to shut down by. So far more than a thousand people signed up for ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-17By Marijuana News
  • CBD-Rich Harlox: Euphoric, Calming Strain Eases Troubles
    Test Results: 6.5% THC | 10.26% CBD | Indica-Dominant CBD | Tested By: C4 Laboratories Harlox Harlox by High Grade ArizonaRecent winner of the 1st Place CBD Strain from the 710 Degree Cup, Harlox hails from parents Harlequin and The OX. Characteristically indica-dominant, this CBD-rich strain is a powerhouse ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-16By Jesse Perry
  • DOPE On The Road: Colorado, A Green State Divided
    Colorado As the lowlands of Idaho gave way to the deserts of Utah, I began to get restless in the front passenger seat of our oversized Suburban. Neither state was particularly friendly towards cannabis—Utah least of all. I’d been arrested for carrying less than a gram here on a previous ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-16By Jonah Tacoma
  • Puerto Rico’s medical Marijuana industry takes a hit due to hurricane
    In this July 24, 2017 photo, Noel Sola, a cultivation worker at Natural Ventures inspects germinated marijuana plants in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Prior to the storm, patients with a medical marijuana cards could only pick up their prescriptions from the single dispensaries that they were assigned to, but that rule ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-16By Marijuana News
  • Michigan officials prepare for influx of medical marijuana applications
    Medical marijuana advocates gathered in Ann Arbor Sunday to learn about the regulations and taxes the business will face next year. Officials are expecting a rush  Dec. 15 when Michigan begins offering applications to people who want to start a medical marijuana business and be part of what is expected ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-16By Marijuana News
  • MindRite Dispensary: The Right Place to Find Yourself
    MindRite Dispensary The People In 2015, Shea and Jaime Conley opened MindRite on the corner of 18th and Marshall in the NW Portland neighborhood they love and live in, bringing with them a desire to educate consumers and showcase cannabis in a positive light. As longtime cannabis advocates, they wanted ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-13By E Somes
  • Texas first medical cannabis dispensary set to open in December
    In just two months, Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy will be able to purchase a type of medicinal cannabis approved by the state. The dispensary itself is located outside a rural Texas town better known for its dancehalls, polka music and kolaches. Austin mom Katie Graham, sips coffee at a ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-13By Marijuana News
  • Cannabis on the Cape: How Massachusetts water towns will welcome weed
    Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts will be the first of the state's nonprofit organizations to open a dispensary on Cape Cod, recently announcing plans to begin operation in a small, nondescript building on Echo Road in Mashpee in late December. It likely won't remain the only one in the region for… ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-10-12By Tribune News Service
  • Medical marijuana commission to plan timeline for issuing cultivation, dispensary licenses
    The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is expected to discuss when they will issue cultivation and dispensary licenses. The commission meets Monday evening and will go over how many applications they have received, those eligible for merit scoring and the number of dispensary applications by zone. They'll also review the deadline to ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-10-12By Marijuana News
  • Deez Kush Nuts: The Filling and Energizing Edible
    Test Results: 180mg THC | Tested By: CW Labs Kush Nuts Kush NutsIf I’m just being honest, I get grumpy when I’m hungry. To stave off the hangry, I often have two things with me: a snack and my vape. I’ve tried some other edibles as snacks, but I prefer ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-11By Shasta Nelson
  • Brewbudz Breaks New Ground: Invigorating Infused Coffee for Your Midday Crash!
    Test Results: 9.2mg THC per serving | Tested by Digipath Labs Brewbudz Infused Coffee Brewbudz Infused CoffeeYou know the days when you desperately need a midday burst of energy? It hits me at 2pm like clockwork, and I was eager to try this coffee/cannabis concoction in my hour of need. ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-10-11By Madeleine Jean