• Kenya’s National Assembly Hears Call to Legalize Marijuana
    The West African nation could be the first on the African continent to officially legalize cannabis — if it listens to this businessman. A commercial agriculture company in Kenya has sent the country’s National Assembly a letter requesting the legalization of marijuana. In the letter, biochemist and CEO of Hyaquip ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-09-21By Jimi Devine
  • Dagga set to grow KZN economy
    Durban - KwaZulu-Natal emerging farmers are going to get the chance to cultivate a “miracle crop” that has the potential to transform the South African economy, while creating thousands of much-needed jobs. And the plant that will be grown in six rural areas of the province to help to bring ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-21By Marijuana News
  • Cannabis agricultural biotech company front range biosciences raises $3 million in bridge round funding
    Front Range Biosciences ("FRB" or the "Company") a leading agricultural biotech company that specializes in tissue culture propagation of high value crops, is pleased to announce it has raised $3 million in bridge round funding. This funding will go towards scaling FRB's processes, as well as expansion into California and other legal cannabis states ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-21By Marijuana News
  • Could these be the 5 cannabis companies to watch in 2017?
    Twenty years ago, it was vilified as a “gateway drug.” Now, cannabis has grown into a big business, with the potential to become even bigger as laws are scheduled to change to reflect shifting social attitudes towards marijuana and investment picks up to take advantage of increased demand. And make ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-21By Marijuana News
  • The Spaced-Out Race: World Nations Compete for Recreational Supremacy
    A Dream of Global Legalization … With over half the United States enjoying legalized marijuana—at least in some form—we all wonder when it will be opened up at the federal level. And we’re not the only country with that prize in sight. Canada is about a year away from full ... read more
    Source: Dope MagazinePublished on 2017-09-20By Will Kersten
  • Marijuana and Your Skin: A Guide
    Experts say that marijuana may benefit your skin, but it depends on how you use it. Scientists are uncovering many uses for marijuana, and there’s a growing body of research revealing its effects on our skin. Studies suggest that toxic byproducts from marijuana smoke may increase skin aging. But ... read more
    Source: Leaf SciencePublished on 2017-09-20By Laura Moroney
  • Premiere: Canna Cribs goes inside the cannabis industry’s leading grow ops
    Episode 1 of Canna Cribs by Growers Network takes viewers to Elite Garden's cutting edge California marijuana cultivation Glass House. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-09-20By The Cannabist Network
  • Could cannabis oil cure cancer?
    The BBC’s Alastair Leithead reports on how evidence is growing that cannabis could cure diseases like cancer. The medical value of cannabis has been hotly debated for years. Its use as a relaxant or a pain reliever is widely accepted now. Rate this article:  ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-20By Marijuana News
  • Sri Lanka Wants To Export Cannabis to the U.S.
    The country’s health minister says that the Sri Lankan government will grow 25 tons of pot a year. The island nation of Sri Lanka is looking to put itself on the most cutting edge of Asia’s cannabis industry with an eventual goal of U.S. exports. As U.S. cannabis entrepreneurs continue ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-09-20By Jimi Devine
  • 7 Canadian marijuana producers: medical focused, recreational Focused or combined
    Recreational or Medical: Who Will You Choose The Canadian marijuana market has been on fire recently and we are watching this rally closely. As several leading licensed medical marijuana producers trade in overbought territory (a result of the recent rally), we want to highlight several of these firms as a ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-20By Marijuana News
  • 7 Diseases That Can Be Treated with Medical Marijuana
    A partial list of cannabis’s medicinal uses. Over the past four decades, medical marijuana’s credibility has grown in the medical community as a possible solution to treat chronic conditions and diseases. While marijuana hasn’t demonstrated that it is the ultimate solution or cure to end a disease in general, it ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2017-09-19By Trevor McDonald
  • Fearing feds, pharmacy school cancels classes on growing medical marijuana
    The University of Maryland pharmacy school has cancelled classes on growing medical marijuana, concerned about how the Trump Administration will enforce federal marijuana laws. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-09-19By The Associated Press
  • Hundreds wait in three hour line to apply to be an Arkansas medical marijuana biz
    Would-be growers and distributors of Arkansas' first medical marijuana crop flooded a state office building, turning in thousands of pages of paperwork and thousands of dollars in application fees. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2017-09-19By The Associated Press
  • This country is tapping into the lucrative marijuana industry that could make Africa rich
    Lesotho has become the first African country to grant a license for medicinal marijuana. The country’s health ministry licensed Verve Dynamics, a South African company that describes itself as “a vegan friendly manufacturer of highly purified botanical extracts and specialty ingredients.” Lesotho’s decision to view marijuana as a source of national revenue ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-19By Marijuana News
  • Could cannabis supplements help your pets?
    When a pet becomes ill, it can be hard to know what to do. Many owners are weary of giving their pet pharmaceuticals and potentially harmful chemicals. For these people, there are only a limited range of all natural herbal products available for pets that are effective enough to be ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2017-09-19By Marijuana News