• New Year’s Resolution: Eat Healthy Edibles
    A ganja chef discusses a few of her favorite recipes for healthy cannabis-infused food, including a new recipe for roasted pepitas (or pumpkin seeds) dusted with kief. Another New Year comes, and we find ourselves once again making goals, resolutions and promises to ourselves and others. For many people, making ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2018-01-21By Jessica Catalano
  • Murray, Cantwell say legal marijuana relies on banking
    Two weeks ago, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era marijuana rules. These rules included the Cole memo, which states the federal government will not interfere with state-approved marijuana laws. Sessions has still not clarified if he will issue new rules or simply revert to old policy. In light ... read more
    Source: Cannabis ChroniclesPublished on 2018-01-19By Cannabis Chronicles
  • New Year’s Resolution: Fight Against the War on Drugs
    Marijuana legalization is a small victory, a small step towards undoing the War on Drug’s legacy. If we stop here, it will be a failure. For those of us old enough to remember the utility of carving makeshift bongs out of apples, the thrift of scraping months’ worth of resin ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2018-01-19By Chris Roberts
  • Thailand Is on the fast-track to legalizing Medical Marijuana
    Thailand is on the fast track to legalizing medical marijuana, the country's Narcotics Control Board director, Sirinya Sitdhichai, announced this week. After decades of extreme drug prohibition, the Thai government is now planning to rewrite their drug laws, allowing medical cannabis to be sold to anyone with a doctor's prescription. ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • Maryland report supports help for minorities in Medical Cannabis industry
    Data on discrimination in Maryland’s overall economy provides “a strong basis in evidence” to support helping businesses owned by women and minorities in the types of industries relevant to the state’s fledgling medical marijuana industry, a state report released Wednesday said. The report, released by Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration, was ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • New York’s Governor calls for study on Marijuana legalization
    In his address on the executive budget proposal for New York state on January 16, Governor Cuomo called for a state-funded study on the impacts of marijuana legalization in the health, economic, and criminal justice realms and the projected impacts for New York of legalization in neighboring states and jurisdictions. Drug Policy ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • Medical Marijuana sales down in Colorado
    The State of Colorado released its full-year 2017 marijuana sales tax collections and the medical marijuana market continues to decline as users make the switch to recreational marijuana. The initial data showed that medical marijuana sales had slowed, but now the latest report demonstrates that sales are actually declining. Matt Karnes, founder ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • Why Germans love marijuana to kill pain
    This isn’t Cheech and Chong’s weed — Germany’s medical marijuana users are people tired of popping powerful pills to ease pain. Facing a cannabis import crisis, the country is now starting to grow its own. Chronically and terminally ill patients in Germany can’t get enough cannabis. Demand for medical marijuana ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • Suit aims to protect Maine medical pot patients, growers from new regulations
    A lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Bangor seeks to postpone or limit implementation of new rules governing the use of medical marijuana, claiming they violate the Constitution and patient privacy laws. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, names Commissioner Ricker Hamilton in its complaint against the Maine Department of Health and ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-19By Marijuana News
  • Florida lawyer disbarred for sending clients to unlicensed doc who charged $800 for fake MMJ certificates
    A Florida lawyer was disbarred Thursday for telling clients it was OK to possess, use and grow medical marijuana — more than two years before legalization. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2018-01-18By The Associated Press
  • New Jersey Might See Legal Commercial Pot Sales This Year
    The pendulum has swung in New Jersey, where the new governor promises to legalize recreational cannabis within 100 days, and lawmakers have a plan that would see retail dispensaries open for business before the year is out. To see how swiftly and totally American attitudes have changed on marijuana, visit ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2018-01-18By Chris Roberts
  • Colorado’s first big illegal grow raids of 2018: hundreds of plants seized
    Authorities raided three illegal marijuana grows in the Falcon area Wednesday, seizing 175 plants, 5 pounds of processed marijuana, firearms and $5,000 in cash. ... read more
    Source: The CannabistPublished on 2018-01-18By The Associated Press
  • What’s in your weed? Touring Florida’s Marijuana testing lab
    Medical marijuana is not at all like other prescribed drugs. It's a living, cultivated product. Whereas most pharmaceuticals are mass-produced according to recipes that result from chemical testing and engineering, cannabis is a crop. And just like tomatoes or soybeans, there's no real guarantee that one harvest will be the ... read more
    Source: 420 IntelPublished on 2018-01-18By Marijuana News
  • State AGs want Congress to let banks work with cannabis industry
    Attorneys general in 19 states and U.S. territories say Congress must act to end the banking industry’s prohibition on serving the marijuana industry, calling the current state of affairs a public safety threat and a hindrance for law enforcement. In a letter to leaders of the House and Senate, the ... read more
    Source: Cannabis ChroniclesPublished on 2018-01-17By Cannabis Chronicles
  • Study: CA Marijuana Farms Expose Spotted Owls to Rat Poison
    As timberland converts to cannabis, spotted owls and barred owls test positive for rat poison. Wildlife species are being exposed to high levels of rat poison in northwest California, with illegal marijuana farms the most likely source point, according to a study led by the University of California, Davis, with ... read more
    Source: Cannabis NowPublished on 2018-01-17By Cannabis Now