If you’re reading this than you are probably well aware of the shortage of “good” doctors these days.  Poor personal skills, not willing to listen to you and 45 mins late to see you have become the norm.  When I set out to interview a doctor for this article I expected an uphill battle but I was really surprised by who was on the other end of the phone.

Dr Steve Elliott of Cohen Medical in Denver spent his career in Emergency Medicine.  Most of his 25+ years was at a Level 3 trauma hospital, which handles the worst injuries and demands the most talented physicians.


During his time working in the Emergency Room, Dr Elliott witnessed first-hand addiction to opioids (Hydrocodone and Oxycodone) as well as injuries from accidents like whiplash and back pain.  Throughout Dr Elliott’s time in the ER he made it his goal to never prescribe a narcotic to a patient, having seen the risk and damage these medications can cause to the very people he was caring for.

When he retired from working in the ER he had the opportunity to serve our veterans, many of which suffered from PTSD.  He began prescribing marijuana for these patients and saw incredible results.  Later, he began prescribing marijuana for other symptoms, like nausea from chemotherapy and low back pain.

When asked about why he has chosen to step away from the mainstream use of synthetic medications and use marijuana he said very simply, “there are no risk factors with marijuana and no negative side effects.”  Both Dr Elliott and the staff at Cohen Medical see the positive impact marijuana has on patients’ lives every day.

Dr Elliott and the staff at Cohen Medical are constantly evolving their knowledge of marijuana strains and other products available to their patients.  They visit 6-8 dispensaries each week to ensure that they are on the cutting edge and can provide the best quality care to their patients.

If you are in the need of a quality physician, Dr Steve Elliott should be on your list.  For questions you can reach the friendly staff of Cohen Medical via the contact info below.